Happy Trails of Maine is a travel and investment agency tailored to the needs of Chinese visitors & investors to Maine. From tranquil waterfront sanctuary stay to exciting skydiving trip; From a rustic log cabin in the forest to a multi-million production investment, our knowledgeable and pleasant bi-lingual staff will customize the itineraries and make arrangements ahead of time, so the clients can relax and enjoy the best Maine can offer.

Happy Trails of Maine is the gateway to a happier, simpler & refreshing life for upper-class Chinese individuals who desire to explore the natural beauty of Maine and rejuvenate after years of stressful work.

Happy Trails of Maine also helps schools in Maine which accepts international students develop fun and educational activities on weekends and/or after school, so the students can learn about Maine’s beauty and business opportunities, which may keep them in Maine or bring them back to Maine after they finish their higher education.










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